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RB SCIENCE is a research based consulting and publishing organization working in the field of pharmaceutical and biological sciences. The services provided by the organization include but are not limited to: 1. Online Journal Publication (Journal of Pharmacology and Biomedicine, ISSN No. 2456-8244) 2. Guidance for Pharmaceutical Research 3. Guidance for Biological Research 4. Manuscript preparation in the field of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences 5. Preparation and editing of Masters and PhD dissertations

We at RB Science are also involved in active research in the field of pharmaceutical and biological sciences, specializing in: 1. Synthetic Chemistry 2. Extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents 3. Drug design 4. Drug delivery 5. Pharmacological screening of molecules (in vitro)

Writing a dissertation or a manuscript is a time consuming and tiring process. It need a proper understanding of the contents and a good command on english language. As the number of candidates pursuing graduation, post graduation and PhD is increasing and a lot of these students may not be very well acquainted with English language, it becomes very difficult for them to prepare a good dissertation or manuscript. We at RB Science help such candidates by either editing their thesis or by preparing a good quality dissertation for them.

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Online ISSN: 2456-8244

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