Abstract Article


Formulation and evaluation of Solid dispersion of clobazam for improved dissolution rate

Sailesh Kumar Ghatuary , Ajay Kumar , Deepu Kumar Gupta , Reena Shende ,

ONLINE ISSN : 2456-8244



Oral administration is highly dependent on solubility of the drug whereas the newer high throughput techniques of drug discovery usually consider a lower solubility. Clobazam indicated for epilepsy and seizures exhibits low solubility in aqueous solution and has a poor bioavailability. In the present work, we aim to to improve the dissolution rate of clobazam by formulating as solid dispersion using various polymers. PEG 8000, PVP K 30 and SLS were used to prepare solid dispersion using physical mixture, kneading and solvent evaporation methods. Solubility of clobazam in solid dispersion was measured using UV spectrophotometer. The solid dispersion were evaluated for drug content, crystalline state by differential scanning calorimetry, dissolution and drug release. Formulation CSDF8 with 1:8 ratio of clobazam and SLS was found to be the optimum formulation.


Clobazam, Solid Dispersion, Kneading, Epilepsy, Solvent Evaporation, Solubility



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