Abstract Article


Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of new conjugates containing indole and triazine scaffold

Arun Kumar , Muraree Lal , Avinash Kondalkar ,

ONLINE ISSN : 2456-8244



In the present work, 2-indolyl-4,6-trisubstituted 1,3,5-
triazine analogs were synthesized using the nucleophilic substitu-
tion on cyanuric chloride in presence of dioxane or acetone. The 
FT-IR spectrum of compounds exhibited sharp peaks at 3300-
2700 cm-1 (aliphatic C-H), 1400-1700 cm-1 (aromatic ring), in all 
compounds while vibrations of N-H (3300-3400), NO2 (1300-1400 
cm-1), C-Cl (850-550 cm-1) & C-Br (520-690 cm-1) were also found 
in the corresponding compounds. The 1H NMR spectra exhibit 
chemical shifts at δ 6.5-7.9 (aromatic protons), 4.0 (N-H), 2.5 
(CH2) and 1.5 (CH3) in corresponding compounds. The antimicro-
bial potential of the synthesized compounds was also evaluated 
and the combined data reveals that all the synthesized com-
pounds show MIC values between 62.5 and 15.625 µg/mL against 
all the screened microorganisms. The compounds C3 and C5 ex-
hibited the best results (IC50 – 15.625 µg/mL) against both the 
bacterial strains, other compounds exhibited MIC value of more 
than or equal to 32.5 µg/mL.


Minimum inhibitory concentration, 
Cyanuric chloride 



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