Abstract Article


Dissolution Enhancement of Cefprozil by Solid Dispersion Technique

Rahul Giri Goswami*, Brijeshkunvar Mishra, Richa Mishra

ONLINE ISSN : 2456-8244



Oral route is the most preferred route of drug delivery for most of the drugs but it presents a considerable challenge for water insoluble drugs. In the present work solid dispersions of cefprozil were prepared in order to improve the water solubility and thereby its bioavailabilty. The solid dispersions were prepared using mannitol and PEG-6000 as the solubility enhancing agent. The solid dispersion was formulated as tablet and the disintegration and dissolution study were performed. The result revealed increased dissolution of cefprozil and improved bioavailability.


Cefprozil, solid dispersion, PEG-6000, solubility enhancement, mannitol



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