Abstract Article


Evaluation of anti-inflammatory potential of Rutin using in vitro models

Amresh Pratap Singh and Brijeshkunvar Mishra*

ONLINE ISSN : 2456-8244



Rutin is a secondary plant metabolite known to possess excellent antioxidant potential. The present work was undertaken with an objective to evaluate the anti-inflammatory potential of rutin using in vitro models. Inhibition of albumin denaturation and antiprotease action were used as the models for studying the anti-inflammatory action. The capacity of different concentrations of rutin to inhibit protein denaturation of albumin was ranging from 27.33 ± 0.001% to 67.82 ± 0.002 comparable to ibuprofen (standard). On the other hand the capacity of different concentrations of rutin to inhibit serine protease was found to be ranging from 20.36 ± 0.214% to 77.53 ± 0.138 in the assay and therefore reinforces for its tremendous anti inflammatory property.


Rutin, albumin denaturation, antiprotease, anti-inflammatory, in vitro, chemical mediators



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