Abstract Article


Formulation and evaluation of intranasal mucoadhesive gel of Ibuprofen

Pankaj Pal, Pradeep Chauhan

ONLINE ISSN : 2456-8244



The objective of the investigation was to improvise the bioavailability of ibuprofen by formulating it as in situ intranasal gel delivery system thereby bettering the management of migraine. The in situ intranasal gel delivery system loaded with ibuprofen was prepared using cold stirring method and evaluated for various parameters. The concentration of poloxamer 407 to be used was optimized by gellation temperature study and it was found that 18% w/v of the same was able to gellify at temperature equivalent to the nasal temperature. The higher concentration of carbopol 934 increased the gel characteristics so much that they may not be pleasant for adminstration. The pH of all the formulations was found to be between 5.9 to 6.3, viscosity of the sol formulation ranged between 27 to 77 cps while that of the in situ gel ranged between 108 to 201 cps. The drug content ranged from 91.3 to 95.6 %. The in vitro release studies of different formulations of drug loaded in situ gels were carried out for 20 min in PBS pH 6.8. The maximum drug release from the formulations ranged from 76.7 to 101.2 % over the duration of in vitro release study.


Intranasal, mucoadhesive, poloxamer, ibuprofen, migraine



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